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For Weight Loss and Lymphatic Cleanse


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500 ml X 6 bottles of juices 1.Cleanse, 2.Simply Mean Green, 3.Green#1, 4.Green#3, 5.Green#4, 6. Hardcore Green, 2 Triphala tablets

BENEFITS This is our strongest cleanse with all green juices. One day of regular weekly REBIRTH CLEANSE can help with anti aging by keeping the filters of our body clean. It is a great way to detox all heavy metals or pollutants from lymphatic system, blood, liver and kidneys. This helps to penetrate to the cellular lever. This cleanse can do wonders with weight loss and gaining an amazing feeling of health and energy.

Juice Cleanse Guide


Sleeping time

Awakening Time 06:00 hrs
Sleeping Time 22:00 hrs


22:00 (bedtime the day before of cleanse) 2 Triphala lax tablets
07:30 Cleanse
09:30 Green 4
12:00 Hardcore Green
14:00 Green 3
16:30 Green 1
19:00 Simply Mean Green
21:00 Immunobooster
22:00 (bedtime on day of cleanse) 2 Triphala lax tablets


Walk barefoot on grass for 30 minutes every morning and evening.

Should follow

  • Sit down and take your juice sip by sip
  • Keep the juice out of the refrigerator for 15 minutes before consuming
  • Drink 50ml of hot water in every 30 minutes in between Juices
  • The first meal after juice fast should be mono fruit (except banana or grape)

To avoid

  • Avoid day time sleep
  • Avoid late night awakening
  • Avoid taking juice while watching TV / Phone

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