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Online Yoga with Yogi Sukhdev


When we are young, we have lot of energy as new cells are being formed. As we age, the metabolism slows down which causes weight gain and many health issues. We have a calendar age and an internal biological age, we can control our internal biological age by eating clean and oxygenating the cells in the body. If the oxygen level in body is high, the immunity will be high and no disease can affect the body. The symptoms like Hair Fall, Dark Circles around eyes, Fatigue, Body aches, Allergies, frequent cold and cough are signs of deteriorating health because they become chronic disease.

One session with Sukhdev yogi can be life changing. We use only 5-10% of our lungs capacity for breathing. He will teach the technique of fully activating the lungs which can be done at anytime while working or lying on the bed.
Ega stands for age spelled backwards, We age faster when our cells don’t get the oxygen because of shallow breathing.
The session is approx one hour online zoom consultation with Yogi Sukhdev who is a renowned expert in breathing techniques and has helped various golfers and cricketers improve the athletic performance.
The date and time of session will be coordinated on email or whatsapp after the order has been booked.


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