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Langra Mangoes North India-2.5kg carton

(3 customer reviews)


Langra mangoes have a sweet and tangy taste with lot of fibre. The shelf life is short and have to be consumed within 1-2 days of arrival since We do not pluck them raw and dont use chemicals to ripen them artifically.They are 80% ripe on tree when plucked. They are green outside and never change color when they ripen so it is difficult to gauge when it is ripe. A true langra lover knows from the firmness and smell when it is ready to eat.


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Langra Mango (North INDIA)
Quantity-1 carton 2.5kg (8-12 pcs)

Consume within 1-2 days when ripe. Any Complaints can be entertained within one day of deliveries for external defects only.

3 reviews for Langra Mangoes North India-2.5kg carton

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  1. Avatar

    Anant M. (verified owner)

    Very good product

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  2. Avatar

    tanushree saha (verified owner)

    Very sweet Mangoes. satisfied with the product!

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  3. Avatar

    Supriya Khanna (verified owner)

    Great quality

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