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Kesar Mangoes West India-2.5 kg carton

(6 customer reviews)


Kesar mangoes have a sweet and tangy taste
Quantity-1 carton(8-12 pcs)
Kesar is India’s second most exported mango variety. In terms of flavour, it is second to none. Kesar is a small to medium fruit with a roundish shape and a distinct curved tip. It has a deep yellow-orange flesh, smooth and fragrant with intense sweetness when they are in peak condition. There can be a slight sour edge to the flavour in less mature fruit, but most people enjoy this complexity.
Season -May-June

Out of stock

Kesar mangoes from Kutch Region Gujarat, West India
Quantity-1 carton 2.5 kg (8-12 pcs)
Mangoes can be green when they reach you, please keep them in the open for 1-2 days for them to become yellow and sweet. Do not keep them in the fridge, consume within 1-2 days when ripe. complaints can be entertained within one day after delivery and for external defects only.

6 reviews for Kesar Mangoes West India-2.5 kg carton

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  1. Avatar

    Gayatri Singh (verified owner)

    Excellent. Every single mango was utterly delicious, sweet and fantastic! Bought it 3 times and I Would buy it again.

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  2. Avatar

    Yap En Teen

    So fragrant and naturally sweet when ripen

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  3. Avatar

    Ann Soon (verified owner)


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  4. Avatar

    Veeraf Chinoy (verified owner)

    as above

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  5. Avatar

    Aditi (verified owner)

    I only buy my mangoes from EGA!

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  6. Avatar

    Ankit (verified owner)

    Sweetest mangoes around.

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